MCX Futures Contract MCX Gold

Commodity Futures Contract MCX

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Commodity Futures Contract MCX Gold is a legal Contract to Buy or Sell a particular Commodity at a Predetermined Quality ,Quantity ,Place and Price .

We will understand this with an Example of MCX Gold Contract :

MCX 1 Kg Gold Contract Specifications :

  1. Symbol is Gold
  2. Contract Launch Calendar is given in Advance :

February April June August October December are Gold Future Contract Months

3. Contract Launch Date is 16th

4. Last Trading is 05th Day of Contract Expiry Month Like 05 February , 05 April

5. Trading Period is Monday to Friday , Saturday and Sunday is a Trading Holiday

6. Trading Time : 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM/11:55 ( US Light Saving Time )

7. Trading Unit is 1 Kg and if a Buyer or Seller gives or Take Delivery : Quantity will be 1 Kg

8. Price Quotation will be Rs. per 10 Grams : Example Rs.46000 per 10 Gram

9. Price Quotation is Inclusive of All Import Duties and other Charges but Exclusive of GST

10. Tick Size is Rs. 1 per 10 Gram i.e a Buyer or Seller can Quote price by increasing or Decreasing Price by Rs. 1

11. Delivery Centre is Ahmedabad so if a Buyer or Seller wants to take or Give Delivery it can be done in a Exchange designated Delivery Vault at Ahmedabad :

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