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NCDEX new INDEX GUAREX is launching from Monday, August 16, 2021.

Salient features of GUAREX:

  1. Cash Settled Contract i.e no physical delivery

2. Two commodities in One Index. One Lot of GUAREX contains 7 MT of Guarseed and 3 MT of Guargum

3. Oppurtunity of Arbitrage between Guarex and Underline Guarseed and Guargum Contract

4. GUAREX Price = 0.7Guarseed Price + 0.3 Guargum Price

5. Zero Exchange charges (Trading charges/ Risk Management Fee are zero)

6. Best alternate for Gum and Seed Ratio Trade

7. Low Margin- 10% initial margin (No Pre expiry Margin/ E-ASM Margin/ Delivery margins etc.)

8. Higher Position limits (1000 Lots for Clients) and No Near Month limits

9. Expiry on Last trading day of Month

10. Two contract will be launched on 16 August 2021 (30 Sept 2021 and 29 Oct 2021)

11. 30 September 2021 GUAREX contract has 20 October 2021 Guarseed & Guargum contract as underlying

12. 29 October 2021 GUAREX contract has 19 November 2021 Guarseed & Guargum contract as underlying

13. Closing Price for GUAREXMID i.e Sep 2021 was 6,001 and for GUAREXFAR i.e Oct 2021 was 6066.4 on Friday


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