SIP in MCX 1 Gram Gold Petal
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SIP in MCX 1 Gram Gold Petal

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SIP in MCX 1 Gram Gold Petal contract is the best option to invest in Gold for the long term. Traditionally Indian’s have invested in the form of jewelry and passed on to the next generations as Gifts during wedding and other traditional festivals.

But as the time changes and during this digital age the love for digital Gold in form of Demat or Comris as in case of MCX 1 Gram Petal has increased.

The various benefits of digital Gold viz a viz traditional jewelry has made it an attractive option among young generation .The comparison is following :

MCX GOLD 1 Gram Petal Gold Jewellery 
Available in 1 Gram Not Available in 1 Gram
Digital Storage Not Available
Gurantee of Purity  999 LBMA Approved No Gurantee of Purity
Can Invest by Systematic Investment Plan ( SIP ) No Systematic Investment Plan( SIP) Available
No Possibilty of Theft Prone to Theft
Can be Converted to Coin with Rs. 100 Per Coin Charges Option Available but with a Huge Making Charges and Cut
Can be Sold anytime on MCX Platform with Transparent price across India No Transparent Pricing across India

Above are the few Points which make SIP in MCX 1 Gram Gold Petal very attractive .All you need is a MCX trading and Comris Account ( Demat ) with any of the MCX Members across India and you can start your SIP . Monthly Futures Contract are available for trading for further  details check link below .

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