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Algo Trading

Algo Bulls : Algorithmic Trading Startup

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Algo Bulls : Algorithmic Trading Startup founded in 2019 by  Jimmit Patel, Suraj Bathija and Pushpak Dagade has designed a Trading platform for Automated execution of Orders , Stop Losses and Targets in Stock Market .

(A ) The Trader can design his own Strategy as trader don’t require any kind of coding .Trader can execute basic strategies like :

  1. Straddle
  2. Strangle
  3. Iron Condor
  4. Iron Fly
  5. Option Writing
  6. Directional Strategies using Technical or Quant Strategies

( B) Trader can also set the Following Parameters :

  1. Target
  2. Stop Loss in % and in Number
  3. Trailing Stop Loss
  4. Portfolio Stop Loss and Target
  5. Stop Loss for Different Legs of Option Strategy

(C) Traders can Also Back Test their Strategies for better execution during Live Trading

(D) Traders can do Paper Trading before going Live on Strategy

(E) Traders can choose from the Strategies available in Marketplace with Back Tested Results.

(F) Traders can Integrate their existing Broker Account with Algo Bulls like

For years retail traders has been struggling to fight the Algorithmic Traders in Stock Market .Retail traders has been placing their orders manually themselves or through a dealer over phone call . This delay the order execution and an oppurtunity is lost in the fast trading Stock Market . So Algo Bulls : Algorithmic Trading Startup provide them perfect platform to execute their strategies with ease without any manual intervention .

The Following advantages of using algobulls Trading Platform :

  1. Faster Execution of Trades
  2. No Manual Intervention
  3. No Psychological Barrier of Trading
  4. Marketplace with Back Tested Strategies to choose from
  5. Better Risk Management

I highly recommend to use Platform for Trading in Stock Markets this will increase your efficiency in trading and will also provide you a better risk management with Automated Trade , Target and Stop Loss Execution.

Happy Trading : Lets make some Money

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