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Monthly Budget Planner

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Monthly Budget Planner should be the most important part of any family .We usually ignore to make a monthly budget of our family . We must plan the monthly expense according to the expected income for the month and must focus on at least saving 20 % of our Monthly income for future retirement planning and any emergency that might occur .

We must start with keeping aside the 15 % of the income as saving for future as said above and try to save extra 5 % by avoiding unnecessary expense .

Then make the list of the expense on basis of priority :

S NoExpense Head by Priority 5 * Most Important 1 * Least Important
1HOUSING *****
2FOOD ****
8TAXES ****
10LEGAL ***
11PETS **

Preparing for the Budget before the start of the month will help you to save more and reduce unnecessary expense .

I am giving below the sample Monthly Budget Planner which you can use to plan your Budget.

In the end at least save 20 % of your Monthly Income . ” A Rupee saved is a Rupee Earned “.

Many Professional Financial Advisors like : can help you in Investment and Planning.

Best of Luck .

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