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Best Algo Trading Software in India : Algo is short form of algorithmic or Automatic trading in equities and commodities .

We will talk in brief about the Strategies and Software used by traders in Indian market.

List of Strategies :

1. Calendar Spread

and Also in

2. 2 Leg ,3 Leg and 4 Leg Option Strategies

(a) Straddle

(b) Strangle

(c) Conversion and Reversal

(d) Butterfly Spread

(e) Iron Condor

(f) 3 Leg Strategy Spread between 2 Underline Contracts Near and Next and Spread Contract in NCDEX

(g) 3 Leg Spread Between Bulldex and Gold Silver in MCX

3. Directional Strategies

(a) Scalping :

(b) Based on Technical Charts :

Best Co Location based ALGO Trading Software available in India :

1. Greeksoft :

2. Refinitiv :

3. uTrade :

Best Algo Trading Platforms for Retail :

1. Tradetron :

2. Robo-Matic :

So above is the Brief about the Best ALGO Software in India and will write in detail about various strategies in upcoming Articles.

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