Trade Receivable Discounting System
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Trade Receivables Discounting System -TreDS for MSME

Trade receivables discounting system known as TReds is an Online Bill Discounting System approved by Reserve Bank of India. TReDS is an online transparent system made to provide instant cash flow to the Suppliers MSME by the financers against the Invoice uploaded on the trading platform in lieu of the payment receivables from the corporate […]

Can You Take Loan Against Life Insurance Policy
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Can you take loan against Insurance Policy

Loan against Insurance Policy is becoming very popular among people these days. You can take loan on all kind of Insurance Policies like Income Plan, Whole Life Plans ,Endowment Plans .But you cannot take loan against Term Insurance Plan. Both Banks and Insurance companies provide loan against Insurance Policy but the interest charged by Banks […]

एग्री लोन AGRI LOAN

एग्री लोन AGRI LOAN

किसान कार्ड के इलावा किसान अपनी फसल को गोडाउन मैं रख कर भी एग्री लोन AGRI LOAN   ले सकता है ! उसके लिए किसान को अपनी फसल बैंक दवारा मंजूर शुदा वेयरहाउस या गोडाउन मैं अपनी फसल रखनी होगी ! यह गोडाउन NCML,NBHC,Origo कंपनी के होते हैं ! यह कंपनी भी किसान या व्यापारी […]